sample searches

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High-intensity role with high burnout. Sagacity Search placed a self-driven/self-learner candidate to be successful in the role.
A challenging role with an expectation from the candidate to know many technologies. Sagacity Search was able to provide a candidate that matched close to technical skills and perfect cultural fitment.
Project kickoff within one week of client signing SOW. Sagacity Search team staffed the complete project within a few days.
Tough location needs by the client, local talent unavailable and candidates not willing to relocate. Sagacity Search identified the candidate that was hungry to learn and be promoted into the role within a few months.
Due to changes in the visa/immigration process Sagacity Search fulfilling over 50% of the client's roles through visa independent candidates.
A client is unable to attract diversity candidates. Sagacity has helped the client achieve 25% of their diversity goal.