Why Choose Us?

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Best in class online database Strong direct sourcing network

  • Extensive Candidate Database
  • Pre Interviewed
  • Active Search
  • Technically Shortlisted

Structured JD vs True Role / Expectations

  • Priorities
  • Skills and Type of Hire
  • Area of Expertise
  • Culture and Alignment
  • Partnership

The real value of the role – beyond salary Influence Drop off rates

  • Negotiations
  • Salary Fitment
  • On-Boarding Support

Personalized interviews – flexible time management

  • Scheduling
  • Video/Audio Format

Vetting by Technical Consultants Effective shortlist

  • Skill and Alignment Summary
  • Expectation Summary
  • Personality Summary
  • High-Level Technical Summary

HR opinion

  • Structured HR Interviews
  • Predetermined Criteria
  • References

Our partnership is aligned with clients’ objectives and culture. We are driven by business outcomes achieved by clients through the placement of
these key positions.

  • Sagacity Search has a dynamic sourcing strategy leveraging social media, technical associations, networking through digital and cloud conferences and university relationships. Majority of local candidates sourced by us will typically not be found through job boards.
  • Besides competitive pay, an inspiring mission and value proposition best motivates the talent. During intake meetings we understand key expectations from the role, recraft the job description for bettering the employment brand and job attraction.
  • Our recruiters validate experience and required skills before presenting the shortlisted candidate to the client along with a summary of their behavioral and technical alignment.
  • Our candidate care team handholds the candidates through the complete recruitment lifecycle - interviews coordination, references, offer management and onboarding process.
  • Sagacity Search leadership team conducts regular reviews with clients to track, monitor and improve performance. We also share information on talent landscape and skill markets as planning inputs to our clients.
  • We are driven, as your extended specialist team, to provide a committed and fully aligned experience.